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Business Email

business email

In the world of web messaging, there are two types of email addresses: the free address and the business address.

Benefits of a professional email address

Promotion of your brand. Your professional email address represents your brand or company in your communications. If you use a representative and meaningful domain name for your brand, it will help in promoting your business. Moreover, your interlocutor will place more trust in an email received from a professional email.

Spam reduction. Because your contacts see your company name at first glance, your email will rarely end up in the spam folder. In fact, very few professionals devote their time to free addresses that they do not recognize unless there is a specific event.

Better reputation and more credibility. By acquiring a professional messaging system for your company, you demonstrate a certain seriousness towards your numerous interlocutors. In fact, a large number of scams are made from free email addresses. Investing in a domain name and email service is the minimum to demonstrate professionalism.

How to get a professional email address

There are two steps to acquiring a business email. First, buying a domain name. You can acquire it from a registrar, however all web hosts offer a registration service. Remember to choose your domain name carefully.
Next, acquire a messaging plan. Some web hosts offer a simple messaging service. While others offer a professional email service for your business with the option of adding a website. You can then create professional email addresses for you, your departments and employees. At a good web host, you can find quality offers at a low price.

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A professional address will make the difference, as already demonstrated above. In short, the exchanges between you and your interlocutors will take place in an environment of trust, with efficiency and ensuring the promotion of your brand. Another important aspect that should not be ignored is the list of departments and addresses of employees. By using a short and descriptive name, your customers and suppliers can easily know who to contact when needed.

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Humans are communicative beings, actually, those who could go long without speaking are very rare. Whether it is to greet, to celebrate, to express one’s dissatisfaction, communication remains the means of transmitting information. In the case of remote communication, it has evolved a lot over time. From letters to emails a lot of ground has been covered. What counts in a communication, is its quality and the message transmitted. Although many platforms offer free email addresses. The image that an email address returns affects the image of your business.

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Using a professional email address is not important just when you’re sending emails, but also when you’re receiving. When you create a free email address and assign it to your business, you open a big door to entering dangerous emails. Therefore, you create a significant security risk for your business. In fact, thanks to a professional address and your domain name, you can use tools to filter incoming messages. This filtering will reduce spam emails or dangerous content.

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Many successful hacking operations derives from email. By using a business address, you significantly reduce the risk of your business being victimized by hackers. In fact, each web host provides more or less advanced tools to filter your email. This filtering can be based on the domain name, or a combination of the domain name with another parameter. These filters will improve your productivity since you will no longer have to search for the right emails among a pile of SPAM.

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It is also better to have a professional email than a free one for the better management of your business. Actually, a free email address does not allow you to assign personal accounts to each of your employees. So if you have a business with multiple employees, they will be need to share the business address. This undoubtedly generated many inconveniences for the company and the employees. While professional messaging will allow the granting of personal nominative accounts for each employee.

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Unlike a free address, professional messaging provides better management of its emails. If we consider, for example, a business manager who manages both the marketing department and the management. In this case, he will have three email addresses, one nominative, two others for each department. Thanks to professional messaging, he will be able to link these three addresses and consult them in the same place, thus reducing wasted time.