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Server management

Server management

Inexpensive server management plan

When it comes to web hosting, not all websites are created equal. A streaming platform and a simple showcase website do not expect the same number of visitors. Likewise, the level of server management differs and the plan chosen will depend on the resources that are already available. Generally, the prices of the hosts depend on the quality of the service and the level of management desired.

Types of management

When an individual acquires shared hosting for the hosting needs of his website, he acquires a small space on the server of his web host. In this space, he will only look at the needs of his website, similarly to a tenant in his apartment. The task of security, resource management, server performance falls to the web host.

In the context of dedicated hosting or VPS, the customer has a virtual server or not. This server requires constant supervision and possible maintenance. The customer therefore has the choice between two options : taking charge of the management of his server himself (or with the help of his team). In this case, he will only pay its host the price of the server. Otherwise, he can assign this task to his web host for financial compensation.

Choosing your server management

Apart from its web host, subcontractors and freelancers may offer management services. It will of course be necessary to choose the best management service for your server since this will benefit the health of your server, and therefore of your business. A few criteria will allow us to recognize a good outsourcing service.

  • The experience. It is normal to believe or think that a provider who has experience has had to encounter various incidents making them flexible in the face of different cases.Likewise, it will certainly have had the opportunity to diversify its solutions and offer innovative solutions.
  • Previous projects. If you want to transfer the management of your server to an external provider, his previous projects will reveal a lot about the type of problem he had to face. In addition, this will allow you to determine if his experience is suitable for your situation.