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WordPress web hosting

wordpress hosting

Which web hosting to choose?

WordPress is an easy to use and very intuitive website design solution. Nevertheless, it is not a solution that works by itself, it needs a web server to function. Although you can install it at home, it is however with a web host that you must install it so that your website can be viewed on the Internet. The right WordPress hosting fulfills the following qualities: available, reliable and secure.

Change WordPress webhost

When you put your WordPress site online, the adventure does not end there because many situations can arise. For example, you may find that several files and pages on your website have disappeared. Likewise, the internet users may complain about the constant unavailability of your website. Imagine if this is an e-commerce site, you will certainly lose a lot of customers and potential customers.

While most of these problems can be caused by your code, if you haven’t chosen the right hosting plan for example. Also, if you host pirated files and plugins that are dangerous for your WordPress web hosting site and server. However, this can come from the quality of service from your current web host. If you notice this after thorough checks, you might consider switching to a different WordPress web host. We recommend in this case, to take advantage of the free web migration service offered by the majority of web hosts.

WordPress hosting Rabat

Hosting a website correctly depends on the solution used to build its website. In the case of WordPress hosting, understanding the concept of WordPress is an advantage in being able to host and use it well. WordPress is therefore the most popular CMS on the Internet. Because it has a very low learning curve, beginners will not have difficulty setting up basic and complete sites for the needs of their business. By choosing the right domain name, a well configured server and opting for server management, you have everything you need to launch your high traffic site in force.

WordPress hosting Casablanca

Regardless of your location, hosting your WordPress site also depends on the plugins you will be using on your website. This is because each plugin you add to your site needs server resources to function. So, the more plugins you add to your website, the proportionately the amount of resources increases. Despite this, the increase does not always happen proportionately if you have the necessary skills to optimize your installation.

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The choice of its WordPress hosting also comes down to choosing the server whose configuration corresponds to that required by WordPress. Just as software to install on your computer requires minimal configuration, so does WordPress. As required technical features, we usually have a web server version. Likewise, the required presence of a database management server, essential for WordPress.

WordPress hosting in Fes

As part of getting your website up and running, you may sometimes consider free hosting. There are some on the market, but these solutions are still very limited. By taking advantage of the price, you give up the performance, the customization, the addressing of the website. This type of solution fits with a temporary website or a test website. This is a solution that has no other advantage than price, especially since the price of web hosting has fallen a lot over the years.

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Another problem that you might encounter with free WordPress hosting is the dependency on the host. It is both a supply dependence and a data dependency. If your site grows, you find yourself forced to wipe your data or upgrade to a higher plan. Likewise, the web host does not guarantee that its plan will always remain free. Furthermore, the transfer of data from the platform does not take place easily.

WordPress hosting in Marrakech

In short, paid hosting is to be preferred for the needs of your future WordPress site. However, finding just any plan will not be enough to see your expectations met.This is why we will therefore check the nature of our project, the necessary server performance, the available software and their versions, the support and availability offered by the web hosting provider.