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Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting

For the hosting needs of your website, you will certainly find several offers with different features without knowing exactly what to choose. Actually, there are several types of web hosting aimed at different needs and budgets. Among these types, we have Cloud hosting which is a powerful solution without being very expensive for the needs of individuals and businesses.

Cloud hosting vs shared hosting

The most popular web hosting type is shared hosting. For this type of hosting, hundreds and even thousands of clients share a single server. Thus, the resources available to each individual are extremely limited. The web host generally applies more or less significant suspensions on the account of the customer who uses the resources beyond those allocated. So this is a cheaper, but very limited hosting plan.

Cloud hosting differs from shared hosting in that multiple clients here share multiple web servers. Likewise, other servers remain ready to use to meet a need for heavy traffic or the like. This hosting plan therefore offers more performance, more availability, more scalability. In addition, a VPS Cloud server offers more performance and availability.

Cloud hosting in Casablanca

We have seen more at the point that cheaper web hosting does not go hand in hand with quality. Thus, web hosting with a local web host gives a lot of advantages including assistance in the local language, better SEO, better page loading speed. In fact, the loading time of a page plays a crucial role in the success of a website. Several studies show that Internet users do not dwell on websites that tend to load slowly. However, local hosting ensures a better loading speed.

Cloud hosting Rabat

In Morocco, hosting your website with a local host offers many cultural and economic advantages. You participate in the promotion of local services and the development of the country’s economy. Unlike foreign hosts, support is provided to you in a local language. You will therefore have no difficulty in expressing your problem and clearly receiving the response from your host.

Cloud hosting Fez

In addition to better performance, cloud hosting allows cost reduction. For the needs of its activity, a company needs several software. Software for customer management, accounting, messaging and more. Simple shared hosting can hardly meet performance expectations because of these limitations. One solution would therefore be to set up a local server, but this turns out to be expensive. With a cloud solution, this is quite possible. Plus, you only pay for what you use.

Cloud hosting Tangier

While the cloud has its advantages, this does not make this type of hosting an unanimous solution. By having the data in the Cloud, it becomes accessible to anyone with the appropriate rights and access. It also means that if a hacker succeeds in obtaining your login credentials in one way or another, they can retrieve your data and do whatever they want with it. This risk is however reduced with the local web hosting since the hacker must necessarily exceed the barrier of distance from the server.

Cloud hosting Marrakesh

Another natural disadvantage of cloud hosting is the reliance on hosting providers. Just as many businesses see the light every day, others pass out. Many web and cloud hosting providers had to shut down their businesses for lack of profitability.This unreliability is a significant risk to your business. For example, you can keep a backup account in the event of a disaster.

Cloud Hosting Agadir

Another risk associated with web hosting is the lack of confidentiality. The last few years have seen the unreliability of the tech giants.Despite the many promises made, it turned out that their users ‘and customers’ data was used for commercial purposes. There is therefore no guarantee that your web host will not access your data or consult your emails for marketing purposes.